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Surgery of the cornea includes LASIK and other forms of surgery. The cornea is the clear, thin tissue at the front of the eye. It functions much like a “window” through which light passes on its way to the retina. In addition to allowing light to pass, the cornea also “refracts” or focuses light. In fact, it possesses two times more focusing power than the natural lens inside the eye. This is the reason corneal surgery can be such a powerful “refractive” procedure to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Corneal operations include cornea transplantation and LASIK. Other operations include pterygium removal and superficial keratectomy. There are many other types of cornea surgery as well. Corneal transplants are usually done by a specialist with additional training in this area. Dr. Christopher Blanton is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist. He is qualified to provide consultations and treat a wide variety of corneal problems.

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