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Glaucoma is a common disease that causes vision loss by damaging the optic nerve; the main sensory nerve providing visual input to the brain. Although it can be associated with elevated eye pressure inside the eye, it can occur in individuals with normal pressures as well. Often, glaucoma will run in families. It can cause permanent blind spots before any noticeable changes in your vision occur. Having your optic nerves evaluated and your eye pressures checked is an important part of the comprehensive eye examination you will receive as part of your visit to our clinic. If this exam finds evidence of glaucoma damage, further testing is often performed. Although most glaucoma is not curable, there are many excellent treatments available to prevent further damage to your vision. Usually, a patient is initially started on medication drops to lower the eye pressure. Laser treatment can also assist in lowering the pressure in certain types of glaucoma. Sometimes surgery is required.

If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, please contact us today to begin a glaucoma maintenance program.