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9481 Haven Ave., Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

5 stars 5
Dr. Blanton and his team were amazing! They are top notchanswer all questions, help you feel comfortable and at ease. They even helped me get the best pricing on my prescriptions! I had no pain during and after the procedure and today I could have driven myself to my appointment. If you are looking for someone who does Lasik or PRK.. go here!!! Thank you Dr. Blanton, Renee, Alma and Gabby! <br><br>***Update***<br>I went for my six month check up and I was 20/300 and 20/400 now I am 20/15 in both eyes! Thanks Dr. Blanton!! You and your team are the best!

5 stars 5
Hands down the best place to get PRK or LASIK in the Rancho/Ontario area. I visited 5 other places and Dr Blanton at Inland Eye was the only one where where he looked at my eye (that was botched from another doctor many years ago) and actually talked and listened to my concerns, especially since i am military and stationed outside of his normal opertational area.

5 stars 5
I never knew that Inland Eye Institute offered such amazing services. I initially went to the Colton office for a consultation for Blepharoplasty with Dr.Ira Vidor. I met with the cosmetic surgery coordinator Stephanie Renteria. She is very welcoming and professional. She made my whole process easy and comfortable. Learning that Stephanie was also an Esthetician , I immediately booked a facial with her. Stephanie was very informative about the products she used and was incredibly knowledgeable on skin care. I highly recommend a facial with Stephanie!

5 stars 5
Merci beaucoup, Dr. Blanton & the Inland Eye Institute/aka Inland Eye LASIK + staff (in Rancho Cucamonga, & Colton, CA)!I got both eyes done at the same time & went from 20/70 w/o correction (before LASIK refractive surgery procedure - LASIK: Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) to 20/10 w/o correction (post-LASIK procedure) - I now see better than the gold-standard of 20/20. Goodbye corrective lenses & contact lenses. I no longer have myopia (nearsightedness).If I can do this operation (& believe me I was a skeptic & terrified before I started the process), anyone can. You can trust you're in great hands w/Inland Eye Institute & Dr. Blanton. I am so amazed at the details of life all around me I can now see that I had forgotten about b/c I could not see them prior to LASIK; seeing these details again makes life so much more brilliant & lively (something as simple as individual droplets in a shower or the ripple vibrations in a bowl of agua); everything's now very crisp, sharp, pops & has a great deal of visual clarity.It was a very seamless & streamlined process; just follow the instructions they lay out for you (e.g., the eye drops routine & wearing the eye shield to sleep initially). Post-operative instructions are clearly laid out & they make sure you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing at EVERY step. I felt ZERO PAIN during the LASIK op. & post-op. The entire LASIK operation was COMPLETED IN UNDER 10-MINUTES.Dr. Christopher L. Blanton, M.D., is highly-esteemed & respected in this field & rightfully so. Dr. Blanton has performed over 30,000 refractive procedures since '92 & is Board Certified in Ophthalmology (also a member of Refractive & Ophthalmology Societies) & consults a great deal for his reputation & profession - he has a proven track-record. They provide you all the info you need to know about the LASIK, including the instrumentation they use to do so, all the steps (e.g., creation of the corneal flap, etc.); also, keeping you calm by talking to you during the operation. You see the results of your corrected vision immediately when you wake up the next day, and for some, immediately after the procedure is completed. You do have some initial light-sensitivity, halos & dry eye - but that's to be expected.An add'l valuable bit of info: Around age ~40 you'll need reading glasses for close-up.Go to their webpage: & get a LASIK self-evaluation.There's great financing options available & you can request a quote; furthermore, great vision plan options w/enhancement coverage (if needed).The staff is extremely genuine, attentive & great listeners - they have your best in mind & make you feel comfortable & at ease through the entire process. I was extremely satisfied from the customer service Renee provided me with; she went above-&-beyond & takes great pride in what she does - serving others. Wish all professionals in the medical field could be as genuinely caring, transparent & honest as both Dr. Blanton & Renee are.Go in for a free consultation to learn more first-hand like I did.Thank-you for gifting me my vision back & really reminding me what it's like to feel alive and see everything all around me (so much beauty in the details). I'm now a big believer & advocate, living it out.Blessings all

5 stars 5
Dr Blanton and his entire staff were amazing throughout the entire process. And still is for both my wife and I. I had my lasik procedure done in November and my wife this past April. Both of us are forever grateful for the professionalism and ease of the entire process.<br><br>I've researched and spoke with multiple centers in southern CA and from history and reviews pulled the trigger with Dr Blanton. Best decision of our lives.<br><br>Thank you!


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Rancho Cucamonga

Inland Eye LASIK
9481 Haven Ave., Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Phone: (909) 937-9230
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