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What is iLASIK with iDesign®?

Bladeless, all-laser LASIK eye surgery, also known as iLASIK, is comprised of two steps:

  • Creation of the corneal flap using iFS®/IntraLase®
  • Actual vision correction procedure using iDesign® wavefront guided Star S4 technology.

iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser – IntraLase®

At Inland Eye LASIK we are proud to use state-of-the-art technology to improve safety and outcomes. Rather than making the corneal flap with a hand-held metal blade, Dr. Blanton uses the iFS® laser for a variety of reasons:

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Personalized Vision Correction with iDesign® wavefront guided Star S4 technology

iDesign Refractive Studio uses a unique computerized map of your eye to customize your vision correction treatment. It provides an additional level of precise data about your vision requirements by using over 1,200 points of data from your eye.

The iDesign Refractive Studio measures the way light travels through your eye and compares it to the way light travels through an eye with perfect vision. This device then creates a highly accurate 3-D map that is unique in the same way that your DNA is unique to you. Your iDesign® map provides a detailed diagram of your vision that allows Dr. Blanton to provide you with truly personalized vision correction.

In clinical studies, iDesign® wavefront guided Star S4 technology has been able to provide patients with:

To learn more about the advanced LASIK technologies we use at Inland Eye LASIK, please contact us today for a free LASIK Consultation.


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