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Preparing for your Appointment

We are so excited you’ve made the choice to have your vision corrected with Inland Eye LASIK. Please take a moment to review our appointment instructions to ensure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Please call us if you have any questions.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Please bring your current prescription glasses to your appointment. Also, we suggest you have a list of questions you’d like to ask Dr. Blanton and our team.

Yes, you can drive yourself to and from your consultation appointment. A dilated exam is not typically performed the same day as your consultation, so you can drive with ease.

Your LASIK Consultation lasts about an hour. In addition to performing an eye exam to determine your candidacy, Dr. Blanton and his team will take in-depth topographical measurements of the entire cornea surface with our iDesign Refractive Studio to create a precise map of each eye.

From your iDesign Refractive Studio map, Dr. Blanton will create a custom treatment plan that takes into account your unique vision imperfections including optical distortions, prescription, astigmatism, pupil size, and corneal surface. The final result is a treatment as unique as you are. The testing is painless, and we will not blow anything into your eyes.

In addition to the testing, our team will cover any medical questions you may have, discuss how you prepare for LASIK or PRK surgery, and we go over pricing and financing options. 

Learn more about Corneal Mapping:

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Learn more about iDesign® Refractive Studio

LASIK Consultations at Inland Eye LASIK are free of charge. You may book a consultation online or call us directly.

No, a consultation does not financially obligate you to having a procedure here. At Inland Eye LASIK we believe the decision to have eye surgery is life changing we want to help patients learn all the information needed to make their decision without feeling pressured. 

Preparing for Surgery

Contact lenses

  • Soft contact lenses should be removed 7 days prior to your preoperative exam and surgery
  • Hard Contacts or RGP Lenses should be removed 3-4 weeks prior to your preoperative exam and surgery.

Eye Drops

We will prescribe you eyedrops prior to your procedure. Please follow the directions below for best results:

  • Use 1 drop of each 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime).
  • Wait 3-5 minutes in between different eye drops.
  • Continue using the eye drops until you arrive for surgery

Today is the day of your Surgery – here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Use eye drops as prescribed and bring your eye drops and any prescribed medications with you on the day of your procedure.
  • Absolutely no eye makeup, perfumes, or colognes on the day of your procedure.
  • You may eat and drink normally on the day of surgery. Limit caffeine intake and do not drink alcohol on the day of surgery.
  • Please arrange for someone to drive you to the surgery facility and to drive you home. You will not be able to safely drive yourself home or to take public transportation home after your procedure (due to preoperative medication and blurred vision immediately after surgery).
  • For your safety, our team would like you to have someone drive you to your post-operative appointment (1 day after surgery). In most cases, your surgeon will clear you to drive after this visit.
  • We encourage you to go home and get as much rest as possible the day of your surgery. Keep your eyes gently closed as much as possible. Take 1 prescribed relaxation tablet every 6-8 hours as needed for sleep.
  • Do not drink any alcohol while taking prescription relaxing medications. 
  • Keep your eye shield on until the next day or as directed by your physician. You will be asked to continue wearing the eye shield at bedtime only for one week following surgery. 
  • Do not rub, bump or squeeze your eye shut following surgery since this may dislodge the flap. 
  • It is recommended that you protect your eyes for three weeks with sunglasses, sports goggles and/or safety glasses while engaging in outdoor activities, or if in your occupation you are at risk of an eye injury. 
  • Do not drive unless you have been cleared by your physician to do so. Only drive if you feel confident and safe with your vision.  Never drive while under the influence of any pain medications or relaxing medications.  Your vision may fluctuate for the first few weeks. Use good judgment. 
  • Do not wear eye makeup for one week following surgery.  Avoid any pressure on the colored part of your eye following surgery. 
  • You may bathe or shower; however, avoid getting any water in your eye for two weeks after surgery. 
  • No swimming, hot tubs or whirlpools for two weeks. 
  • You may experience light sensitivity and/or glare around lights.  You should protect your eyes with UV filtering sunglasses following surgery. 
  • Call our office if you are experiencing any symptoms such as major fluctuations in your vision, extreme light sensitivity, discharge, or pain. If after business hours, please call 1-800-345-8979 for assistance. 

Visit our patient forms section for more details on after surgery instructions.


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