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9481 Haven Ave., Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

5 stars 5
I finally decided to have lasik surgery after 30 years of wearing eye glasses. A good friend recommended Inland Eye Lasik. Dr. Blanton was nice and very informative of the process and answered all questions I had about the procedure. At first I was nervous of the thought of having eye surgery but after speaking with him that went away. The office staff (Yvette, Renee, and Gabby) were all welcoming and a pleasant to be around, just made the overall experience that much better. Thank you Inland Eye Lasik!

5 stars 5
I CAN SEE!<br>Since elementary school, I have worn glasses and worn contacts once I turned 16. I decided to get Lasik done for the 30th birthday and I am so very freakin happy that I had this procedure done with a skilled, professional, and friendly Doctor!<br><br>I cannot thank Dr. Blanton and his staff enough for changing my life! Dr. Blanton and his team are knowledgeable, informative and truly caring people who believe in what they do from the bottom of their hearts. (Dr. Blanton has had LASIK done himself and Teaches up-and-coming surgeons to help others see around the world!)<br><br>I did A LOT of research on YouTube, Yelp, blogs, Google, and other websites to educate myself and make sure this was what I really wanted to do. For god sakes... It's my eye balls!!! I went to other Lasik clinics and many free consolations around the Rancho and Ontario area But Inland Eye LASIK was no doubt a no brainier! They instantly won me over.<br><br>I really felt like I knew these people for years! The people at the front greeted me with a smile and every time I came in for pre-post exam, they greeted me with my name. They offered me cookies, water, soda, and coffee. (Brownie points!)<br><br>During the consultation, Renee was informative, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions. She was friendly, funny and personable. <br><br>One concern I had before going with this procedure was having to see an optometrist separately and getting medications from a different pharmacy. With my insurance... That was going to be a hassle. But Inland Eye LASIK took care of all that for me! All the exams needed for the procedure was done by Dr. Blanton himself which was included in the package they offered! It was one stop place to shop!<br><br>Their communication was on point! <br>The staff and Renee would personally call me to make sure I got my medications and that I was taking care of my self at home before the procedure and walked me through any questions or concerns I had.<br><br>As for Money, IEI offered 3 payment options. Other LASIK clinics offered me just one, but IEI offered me 3 which helped me make an affordable decision for my budget.<br><br>It is truly amazing to see the world without glasses or contacts. Inland Eye LASIK changed my life! It is such an independent and amazing feeling! Thank you Dr. Blanton and everyone at Inland Eye LASIK!

5 stars 5
I couldn't put into words how happy I am that I decided to go through with LASIK at Inland Eye. My mom has worked for Dr. Blanton for 19 years and have always enjoyed the staff and the environment they provide. Not to mention, Dr. Blanton is by far the most intelligent opthamologist I have ever seen. Though it may sound biased, I couldn't say anything bad about him or the staff. I could not be happier with my decision to get LASIK. It has completely changed my life and the possibilities! I was legally blind at 20/400 vision to now 20/15 in both eyes. Almost two weeks after the procedure I am realizing new and little things day by day. I highly recommend checking out Inland Eye and the prestigious staff.

5 stars 5
I had lived with congenital ptosis in my left eye my whole life. If you have been born with ptosis you know the lack of confidence that comes with this condition. For years I hid from pictures and looking at people. I was constantly bombarded throughout my life with the same question, "What happened to your eye?" If you have ptosis you know what I am talking about, something so stupid brings out the rudeness in people which erodes your confidence even further. I had been to at least two consultations with other doctors about getting my ptosis repaired, but honestly these physicians (although probably technically good) just did not give me the confidence I needed in them to repair my lid so for years I put it off. Fast forward to my mid thirties and I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Vidor. I was immediately impressed by the aesthetically pleasing office as well as its cleanliness and warmness of the staff (especially his wonderful nurse Sue). Once I actually met Dr. Vidor for the first time in 35 plus years I actually felt comfortable enough to want to pursue the procedure. Dr. Vidor is super friendly, genuine and a does not act superior to patients as many doctors do and he is also in my opinion the best at what he does. The actual procedure was super easy, fast and truthfully painless both during and after the surgery (I did not even have to take a Tylenol). Yes, there is discomfort, but it's only slight and the results are amazing. I can now look people in the eye and welcome pictures and my confidence is now starting to build after hiding from looking at people for so many years. Beyond Dr. Vidor's exquisite surgical skills with my ptosis repair, I recently had cosmetic filler injected in my tear troughs (an area that is notoriously hard to treat) and the results are amazing. Almost 2 years ago I had filler with not so great results so I was hesitant to do it again but as usual Dr. Vidor delivered with my new injections all the while listening to what I wanted. My results are so beautiful and natural looking and I could not be happier. Dr. Vidor is hands down the best physician I have ever been to, he is down to earth, has a sense of humor, is a perfectionist and always listens to his patients. An added bonus is his staff is also amazing, from his amazing and most wonderful nurse Sue to everyone in the office, they all go out of their way to treat you like a valued patient. I truly hope Dr. Vidor never leaves the area as I will certainly be a lifelong patient of his for all of my eye and cosmetic needs.

4 stars 4
I came a month ago and met with Dr. Blanton and his staff. First, I want to mention that this location is beautiful and super clean. Second, Dr. Blanton has excellent bedside manners. He is so sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. He was very clear on what to expect with regard to results and how to care for my eyes after surgery. He also went over in detail what the day of surgery would be like and what the actual surgery would consist of. <br><br>On the day of surgery he welcomed me and his staff got me all prepped. They were all so sweet and comforting (I was extremely nervous). The surgery itself went very well and very fast. <br><br>In the week following the surgery my vision continued to change and I was really anxious about it and called several times with my concerns. The staff scheduled time for me to meet with Dr . Blanton and share my concerns. He was so accommodating (even came in on a Saturday to check on me) throughout it all and in the end it turned out that I was experiencing some normal temporary side effects. <br><br>Now, a month later my vision is fantastic! I don't have supersonic vision (which is not to be expected) but my vision is about 10 times better than it was before the surgery. I am so happy with my results. I would definitely recommend Dr.Blanton's office to anyone looking for an experienced and skilled surgeon.


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9481 Haven Ave., Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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