Who is Not Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?

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Not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. There are several reasons why laser eye surgery may not be a good choice of vision correction for some patients. Below is some information about who is not suitable for laser eye surgery: Those who are younger than 18 years old. Laser eye surgery results […]

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What Questions Should I Ask My LASIK Surgeon?

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Choosing to undergo LASIK surgery is an important, potentially life-changing decision. Prior to your LASIK surgery, you will get the chance to ask your surgeon all the questions you want to ask. To help you make an informed decision, Dr. Blanton at Inland Eye Institute in Rancho Cucamonga recommends the following list of questions to […]

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Will I Still Need Glasses After LASIK?

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Patients typically undergo laser eye surgery to reduce or completely eliminate their need for visual aids such as contact lenses and glasses. The truth is that most patients will eventually require reading glasses at some point in their future. Laser eye surgery effectively treats farsightedness, a refractive error that results in blurry near vision and […]

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Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs of LASIK?

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LASIK surgery offers a wealth of benefits for most patients. If you’ve been considering LASIK, consider just a few of the benefits of LASIK listed below.  Improved Vision: The primary LASIK benefit is that 95% of patients who undergo the procedure achieve 20/40 vision, the vast majority of those achieving 20/20 vision or better.  Although […]

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Options for Vision Correction

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Correcting refractive vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (difficulty reading small print) has advanced beyond simple eyeglasses and contacts. Today, there are several vision correction methods for patients to consider. In Rancho Cucamonga, Dr. Blanton can help you to understand your options and help to select the best vision correction solution based […]

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Yearly Costs of Glasses and Contacts

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The average eyeglass wearer will buy a new pair of glasses every 1-2 years and spend an average of $200 to $600 per pair. Eyeglass prices vary tremendously, depending upon the type of frame and type of lenses. You may also need to have more than one pair of glasses. Many people have separate glasses […]

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The Invention of LASIK

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While LASIK is now a household term and common form of eye surgery, just a couple of decades ago it was a brand-new procedure that intrigued many people who were inconvenienced daily by their contacts and eyeglasses. Further back, researchers experimented with rudimentary techniques of surgical vision correction that involved freezing the cornea before removing […]

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What Happens if You Blink During Cataract Surgery?

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If the lens inside your eye has become cloudy, you may want to consider cataract surgery. During cataract surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, Dr. Blanton removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial lens (called an intraocular lens – IOL) to restore clear vision. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and […]

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Does LASIK Require Anesthesia?

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When you think of having a surgical procedure, you typically will associate anesthesia as part of that experience. LASIK is not like most surgical procedures because general anesthesia is not necessary. While some patients may prefer the idea of being “put to sleep” for the duration of their procedure, it is actually very important that […]

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Why Can’t I Wear Contacts Before LASIK?

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If you are a contact lens wearer who is interested in LASIK eye surgery for vision correction and to reduce your dependency on contacts, it’s important to be aware of the restrictions surrounding wearing contact lenses before your LASIK consultation. Prior to a LASIK consultation and surgery, it is vital that contact lenses not be […]

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