Watchful Eye

There are many things you can do to
keep your eyes healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. The following simple
tips can help keep your vision as clear as possible for many years to come:

Maintain Routine Vision Care: You might think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy but visiting your eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to really be sure. Your eye doctor is the only one who can determine if your eyes are healthy and if you’re seeing your best.

Know Your Family’s Eye Health History: Talk to your family members
about their eye health history. It’s important to know if anyone has been
diagnosed with a disease or condition since many are hereditary. This will help
to determine if you are at higher risk for developing an eye disease
or condition.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing diabetes and other systemic conditions which can lead to vision loss such as diabetic eye disease or glaucoma.

Wear Protective Eyewear: Protective eyewear includes safety glasses
and goggles, safety shields, and eye guards specially designed to provide the
correct protection for a certain activity.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke and Other Irritants: Smoking is as bad for
your eyes as it is for the rest of your body. Research has linked smoking to an
increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and
optic nerve damage, all of which can lead to blindness.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun: Too much ultraviolet (UV) exposure
can damage your retina and cause lasting vision loss. It can also raise the
risk of cataracts. When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 99 –
100% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation.

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