How to research LASIK surgeons is the most crucial component in increasing the likelihood of a successful and satisfying visual outcome. Your vision cannot be trusted to just anyone. The internet will provide you with the best resources possible for how to research LASIK surgeons. However, the internet comes with anyone and everyone’s opinion, meaning you can’t trust everything you read. For credible information sites that are most likely to provide you with relevant and accurate health and medical information, look up sites whose web addresses end in .edu or .gov or .org. Top websites for researching LASIK surgeons and questions you should ask at your consultation include the Mayo Clinic and the Refractive Surgery Council. 

LASIK surgeons should have a lengthy list of qualifications, education, training and certifications. These include a state licensing certificate and board-certified recognition by American Board of Medical Specialties and/or the American Board of Ophthalmology. An additional accreditation of American College of Surgeons (ACS) membership upholds the ethical standards for those board-certified. Surgeons who use the designation FACS after their names are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. LASIK surgeons should be experienced and versatile. Consider how many years they have been practicing and be sure they specialize in all forms of refractive eye surgery. Your surgeon may suggest alternatives to LASIK such as PRK and you want to be sure they have substantial experience in different procedures so that you may confidently choose a surgeon who can meet your specific needs. 

How to research LASIK surgeons will lead you to reviewing not only online ratings but referrals and testimonials. Do you have any friends or family who recently had a LASIK procedure? Ask questions about their experience. From the surgeon’s demeanor to follow-up care, you want a surgeon who will take the time necessary to make you feel your most comfortable and confident. When you find a website for a qualified surgeon, check out their About Us page to get a feel for the type of environment they offer and the quality of care you will receive. Peruse the website to see if they offer recent patient reviews that can confirm an optimal experience. Check out if the surgeon or their office has a social media page. Often doctors and patients alike will use social media platforms to highlight successful procedures. 

Make time to visit multiple surgeons. Online research will only take you so far and you may have a different perspective after seeing the facility and meeting the surgeon in person. Keep realistic expectations and come prepared with a list of questions from surgery details to insurance coverage.

Investing in your vision will affect your sight for a lifetime. Take your time to learn how to research LASIK surgeons so you can find the one suitable for you. At Inland Eye Institute, we welcome you to compare our team of LASIK surgeons to any other. We promise to provide the highest standard of care with a LASIK surgeon you can trust. Call for your consultation today.