Are you over 40 and wear reading glasses?  Chances are you have presbyopia.  Presbyopia is an age-related process where people find they need to hold reading materials at arm’s length in order to read them properly.  You might remember your parents or grandparents doing this and are dismayed that you are finding yourself with the same problem as you age.  Presbyopia, however, is unavoidable though options are available to help correct it.

LASIK for presbyopia is an option that more people are considering as they age.  LASIK in Colton can be used to create monovision, which many people find beneficial.  This procedure corrects one eye for near vision and leaves one eye strong for distance vision.

Multifocal LASIK, also known as presbyLASIK, is a newer form of LASIK currently being tested and allows for near, intermediate and far vision in each eye.

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