It’s important not to delay checking on any kind of eye trouble. If you experience any changes to your vision, make the earliest appointment available at Inland Eye LASIK by calling 909-937-9230 or scheduling online at WEBSITE. Your eye doctor can help you determine which is right for you: LASIK or contact lenses. If your vision allows you to choose either option, it usually comes down to preference and the pros and cons of short term versus long term costs. 

While the choice may seem clear to opt for the permanency of LASIK versus the daily maintenance of contact lenses, as well as the one-time investment of LASIK, versus annual costs of replacing contact lenses, solution and cases, safety remains a top concern for many patients. There are small but certain risks to both options which once determined will help you to find the right solution for you. While complications do occur from LASIK, they are extremely rare and often attributed to factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, the complexity of the surgery or inadequate post-operative care. There are no documented cases of anyone losing their eyesight due to LASIK. Serious eye infections that can lead to blindness affect 1 out of every 500 contact lenses wearers per year. Some possible hazards affecting vision from wearing contact lenses include corneal ulcers, eye infections and, in some cases, blindness. 
The need for vision correction intervention is prevalent worldwide. Americans alone spend more than $15 billion each year on eyewear to correct refractive errors. Additionally, nearly 600,000 people undergo LASIK eye surgery each year to improve vision. LASIK is arguably more liberating than daily wear contact lenses and poses minimally less risk. Deciding LASIK versus contact lenses, which is right for you, can be narrowed down to 5 main reasons for arriving at your conclusion. These are risk of infection, cost, quality of vision, glare and quality of life. Your eyes are unique features of your face and equally unique are the factors weighed in choosing which option is best for you. A comprehensive eye exam quality imaging will likely help answer which of the 2 safe and effective vision correction methods are best suited for you. Contact Inland Eye LASIK so that our board-certified ophthalmologist can provide you with an appointment to discuss your questions and concerns. You rely on your eyesight to enjoy all life has to offer, make it a priority.