You get what you pay for, or so the expression goes. When it comes to vision care, that old expression couldn’t be truer. At Inland Eye Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we often hear of other so-called “LASIK providers” who advertise rock-bottom prices for corrective vision surgery.  Even wonder how they do it so cheap?

There are lots of ways other providers can advertise lower prices.  Some of them do what’s known as a “bait and switch,” where you arrive looking for one deal and find out it’s not really what was advertised so the provider switches your offer to a plan that is “perfect” for your problem vision, although a lot more expensive.

Other times, providers may be brand new in the field, with minimal experience performing corrective surgery.  They could also be using outdated equipment or failing to use the most modern methods of LASIK surgery.

Before signing on to any great “deals,” check with our staff and we’ll help you figure out what you’re dealing with.  Working with our team, you get great service, highly trained surgeons using the latest LASIK methods and the best results possible.