Our Technology – iLASIK

Our Technology – iLASIK

Bladeless, all-laser LASIK eye surgery, also known as iLASIK, is comprised of two steps:

  1. Creation of the corneal flap
  2. Actual vision correction procedure

At Inland Eye Institute, we perform the first step using IntraLase® and the second step using Wavefront VISX CustomVue technology.


The IntraLase laser is the “i” in iLASIK. Rather than making the corneal flap with a hand-held metal blade, we use the IntraLase laser for a variety of reasons:

  • Precision of corneal laser leaves behind a smoother surface
  • Better results – 98% of our patients see 20/20 or better
  • Ability of the surgeon to customize the laser settings to create the ideal corneal flap
  • Higher level of safety

Personalized Vision Correction with Wavefront VISX CustomVue

VISX CustomVue technology uses a unique computerized map of your eye to customize your vision correction treatment. It provides this additional level of precise data about your vision requirements by using Wavefront technology.

A device called a Wavefront analyzer measures the way light travels through your eye and compares it to the way light travels through an eye with perfect vision. This device then creates a 3-D Wavefront map that is unique in the same way that your DNA is unique to you. Your Wavefront map provides a detailed diagram of your vision that allows Dr. Blanton to provide you with truly personalized vision correction.

In clinical studies, Wavefront VISX CustomVue has been able to provide patients with:

  • A greater chance of having 20/20 and 20/15 vision
  • The potential for better vision than is possible with your glasses
  • Less incidence of glares and halos
  • Potentially better overall vision, even at night

To learn more about the advanced LASIK technologies we use at Inland Eye Institute, please contact us today for a free LASIK Consultation.

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