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Keratoconus & Cross-Linking

Keratoconus & Cross-Linking

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The strength of your cornea (the outer surface of your eye) can greatly affect how you see. An estimated 1 in 2,000 people (mostly teenagers and young adults) experience a progressive thinning of the cornea, causing it to gradually bulge out and form a cone shape. This is called keratoconus. As a result, light entering the eye is scattered so overall vision becomes blurry or severely distorted. Keratoconus can make learning, reading, driving and working difficult for anyone – but it can be especially debilitating for students.

There is no cure for keratoconus, but there are ways to manage this condition. After any treatment, glasses and contacts may still be necessary to achieve your best vision.

New Treatment for Keratoconus

Inland Eye Institute is proud to offer FDA-approved corneal cross-linking (CXL) by Avedro to strengthen the corneal tissue and minimize the cone shape. This in-office procedure works by placing drops of riboflavin (a form of vitamin B2) into the eyes and then applying a precise, controlled amount of ultraviolet A light on the eyes. This combination has been proven to make the corneal tissue stronger and more stable for some patients by increasing the amount of collagen cross-links in the cornea.

The epithelium of your eye (the thin outer layer of the cornea) may be removed before the drops are administered or the drops may be applied directly to the eye’s surface. Your doctor will recommend the right treatment for your unique eyes.

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Other Treatments for Keratoconus

Our keratoconus doctors in California may also recommend other methods to slow the progression of keratoconus:

  • Glasses or soft contact lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
  • Intacs® corneal implants to reshape the corneal curve
  • Corneal transplant

If you, or a loved one, have been diagnosed with keratoconus, contact us today to schedule an eye exam and learn more about corneal cross-linking in California.

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