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There are basically two ways to do LASIK. You can base your laser treatment on a phoropter (the better one or  better  two machine).  This technology is over a hundred years old. Or you can base your laser treatment on a measurement performed by an infrared laser which is essentially 25 times more precise than a phoropter. This is called wavefront guided LASIK.  iDesign, which we use on every eligible patient is the latest version of wavefront guided.  It does over 1000 micro-refractions across a 7 mm pupil to provide an extremely sophisticated measurement of the eye’s optical system.  Each map that is generated is as unique as a fingerprint. Compare that to a single measurement done  by a 100 year old piece of equipment. The iDesign also takes into account a measurement known as higher order aberrations and treats these in addition to the nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism which you may have. They make up part of the treatment which can’t even be measured by a phoropter.

So, if you are not getting a wavefront guided treatment, you are probably not getting the best outcome available today. if you want a wavefront guided treatment, we encourage you to come in for a free consultation and we will share this amazing technology with you.