We’ve all heard the expression “you get what you pay for.”  While bargain hunting may be a great idea for some purchases, when it comes to healthcare, it may not necessarily pay off.

Your eyes are a most precious gift.  While LASIK is not inexpensive, it is a good value when the results are considered.  Good vision is something some people take for granted; however, those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses know how fortunate those folks are who were born with 20/20 vision.

If you’ve heard about low cost LASIK, or discount, bargain basement, hard to believe the price LASIK, it’s probably too good to be true.  Here are some reasons to avoid cheap LASIK:

  1. The provider may not be using the latest technology. LASIK involves the use of several pieces of expensive technology and those costs are passed to the patient.  A provider who uses those pieces of technology cannot avoid this expenses.  Someone offering cheap LASIK is likely not using today’s technology.
  2. The provider may not be highly qualified. Usually the lower the price, the lower the qualifications of the person performing the procedure.  He or she may be new to the procedure.
  3. It’s not really the price. If you read the fine print, it may say that the price is for patients with certain prescription levels.  Once you arrive for your consultation, you find out that “your prescription” doesn’t qualify.  It’s a classic bait and switch technique.

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