Your LASIK procedure should be a pain-free experience.  Before your eye surgery begins, numbing eye drops will be put into your eye to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure.  You may also request or receive a prescription for a medication to help you relax before the surgery.  During the surgery you will likely feel some pressure on your eyes but no pain.

After the surgery, your eyes will remain numb for a while.  After the drops wear off, you might experience some short-term, temporary discomfort or itching.  This doesn’t last long.  You might experience temporary dry eye syndrome which can also be uncomfortable.  Special eye drops can be provided to help with this.

LASIK surgery in Rancho Cucamonga has a high patient satisfaction rating and is one of the fastest surgeries performed with a quick recovery time.  Although you may have some blurriness after the surgery, this usually resolves quickly.

If you are ready to proceed with LASIK surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, contact Inland Eye Institute at 909-937-9230 or to schedule your LASIK consultation.  Dr. Blanton will be able to answer any questions that you may have during your initial consultation.