As with anything in life, LASIK has its pros and cons.  Here are 3 pros and cons to consider before the procedure at Inland Eye Institute in Colton:

Pro: Improved visual acuity.  Most patients notice an immediate improvement in vision.

Con: Some patients notice nighttime vision problems, including glare, halos and sensitivity to bright light.  These often resolve after a period of time but in some people they do not.

Pro: No more glasses and contacts.  Can you imagine the money you’ve saved on decades of prescription eyewear or contact lenses?

Con: Bruising of eye.  These subconjunctival hemorrhages appear as red spots on the white of the eye and are common after the LASIK procedure.  They can last from one week to one month and do not impact vision.

Pro: Reduced irritation from contact lenses.  That irritation from dry, scratchy contact lenses?  A thing of the past.

Con: LASIK can cause a dry eye that can last for several weeks.  Eye drops can help with this.

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