With an experienced surgeon, LASIK is relatively safe and your doctor will discuss the risks before the procedure.  After your LASIK procedure, you may notice some blurry vision and your eyes may be teary, itchy or dry.  Be sure not to rub them, Starbursts, glare and halos at night can be noticed after LASIK and you should contact your doctor if you experience this.

Normally after a LASIK procedure in Rancho Cucamonga, vision returns within 24 hours, and sometimes with an hour or two.  However, it can take up to a week for full vision to return, so work schedules might be impacted. On the day of your surgery it is important to have someone else drive you home. You will also need a driver to bring you to your post-operative appointment the day after surgery. In most cases, patients are able to drive by the end of that day.

Within a couple of days to a week, most patients are fully satisfied with the results and glad that they had the LASIK procedure.

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