Glasses, Contacts and Sports – How to Improve Your Game

Recently we read that September is National Little League Month. We’re not sure how many people actually celebrate this observance, but it got us thinking about all of those boys and girls on the field who wear corrective lenses as they play. In turn, this made us think of “vision-challenged” adults who continue playing sports of any kind.

Being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism can become a real nuisance in life, especially if you are trying to see to hit a baseball/softball, swim laps in a pool, putt a golf ball into a hole or any other type of sport. Forced to wear glasses or contact lenses as you play, you can face different challenges than those with “near-perfect” vision. Sweaty noses can cause glasses to slide, dirt and debris can get underneath contacts, glasses can be broken and contacts lost.

Think of how much you could improve your game of choice if you were lens-free.

When you add LASIK vision correction to your pre-season training activities, you may be able to erase Dr. Blanton at Inland Eye Insitute is ready to be your vision trainer. Schedule your free LASIK Consultation with us today at or 909-937-9230 to find out if your eyes are in the right physical condition to handle LASIK. You can also ask questions about LASIK and learn more about Dr. Blanton’s background and experience.