Thousands of LASIK procedures are performed each day across the United States. Most of them are performed safely and produce great results for patients. To ensure a satisfactory result, it is important that patients follow their doctor’s aftercare instructions.

LASIK aftercare instructions generally include:

  • Rest or sleep after the procedure. It’s always best to go home and get a few hours of shut eye after the procedure.
  • Take any prescription medication such as eye drops that your doctor ordered. There is a reason you were given a prescription so don’t skip it. Eye drops help lubricate the eye, reducing irritation and antibiotic-steroid drops reduce the chance of infection.
  • Don’t touch or rub your eyes. Most doctors recommend that you do not touch or rub your eyes for a couple of weeks after your procedure.
  • Wear a protective eye shield at night. Most doctors either prescribe or provide these. You want to keep your eyes safe and injury-free while you sleep.

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